hi, my name is Dutch Newman.

name:dutch newman
location:kansas city,mo
fucking your girlfriend
On repeat….

On repeat….



Carlton is about that life…

Just a little leak of the New Dutch Newman Merch Line, What y’all think?

You motherfuckers can rap ‘til you blue in the face
You’ll probably turn into smurfs with the time that you waste
Throughout history they thrown shots at the greats
But I shoot back, the Lord ain’t designed me for hate
I’ve never understood Martin Luther with the speech
With the whole world watching me, turn the other cheek?
Never, so there’s one left to die in the streets
Cause his long arms happen to connect with his reach
Try to kill you then, them near misses was God’s kisses
True Hollywood Story, ghetto Todd Bridges
Diff’rent Strokes that nigga broke, this nigga rich
You only read about the cars that I paddle shift
You only dream about the hoes that I dabble with
Balcony views like a postcard, imagine this
White stones, black steel, cold chrome
This city’s my doormat, bitch I’m home sweet home

—Pusha T “Home Sweet Home”